Stop cruel tests

ban animal tested cosmetics

Animal testing for cosmetics is an ugly business. Around the world, many thousands of animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and mice suffer needlessly to test products like lipstick and shampoo, even though producing cruelty-free beauty products is safe and simple. It’s time to end cosmetics cruelty—forever.

Unlike Europe, Israel and India, in New Zealand there is no legal ban preventing cosmetic companies from testing products or ingredients on animals. SAFE is working to change that, and we need your help.

With the Animal Welfare Act currently under review, New Zealand has an opportunity to become the next country to ban cosmetics animal testing. For the sake of the rabbits, guinea pigs and other animals who could fall victim to this horrible and unnecessary cruelty, please ask Prime Minister John Key to make New Zealand the next country to become cruelty free by banning animal testing for cosmetics.

TAKE ACTION! Send John Key an e-card now!

AND, please contact party leaders over on SAFE's AWA website.

Learn more about the worldwide campaign by visiting Be Cruelty Free.


Further ways to stop animal testing

• Boycott companies that test on animals and write to them telling them why.

• Make a donation to SAFE to support our work.

• Share this site with your friends on facebook.

• If you know of a company that does not test on animals but not listed in the SAFE Shopper contact the company asking them why.

• Get involved with your local SAFE group.